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Best Practice

Ensure That Existing Affordable Housing Stock Is Maintained

Local jurisdictions need to use advocacy, zoning policy, and creative funding streams to ensure that existing affordable housing stock is maintained, whether these units are naturally-occurring or subsidized. Many voucher and subsidy programs will expire over the next decade and threaten affordability; thus, jurisdictions need to research, plan, and organize now for how these units will transition, and what supports will be offered in order to keep residents in place - such as a new local subsidy, voucher, or housing program.


Median national cost to repair one affordable unit in an MSA is between $1,053 and $1,927, but average costs total $2,920. Costs of repairing homes of Seniors are usually the most expensive.


Policy changes can be put in place within one year and should last 10-15 years.


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Affordable Housing

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