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Find more tools, knowledge, and inspiration for your community's housing plan here.

Because housing is an issue in nearly every community across the nation, several individuals and organizations work to develop new planning solutions every day. This page provides a collection of useful resources for anyone interested in creating a housing plan. New links, videos, reports, and tools are added to the page on a regular basis, so check back often to see what's new!

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15 Resources

Feasibility Map

The feasibility map shows viability of development prototypes for each Census tract in SW Michigan.

This map shows which residential construction types are most likely to occur in the 20 southwestern counties of Michigan. Using costs and policies, but not including zoning restrictions, the map calculates the financial viability of different development prototypes in each Census tract. Realtors, development professionals, citizens, and [ more ]

feasibility map

Housing Guides

Housing guides help community members plan outreach to potential partners and new residents.

Throughout the housing planning process, but especially during the Alignment period, community members may need to spark discussions and build relationships with folks they want to play a more active role in housing development. These stakeholders may be nonprofit organizations, developers, realtors, or other businesses [ more ]

developers guide (pdf) employers guide (pdf) new residents guide (pdf)

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