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Planning Steps

Welcome to Plan for Housing, where you can learn to create a housing plan for your community. This website will introduce you to the process of creating a vision for housing in your community. You will learn how to align, design, collaborate, and measure progress towards your community's housing goals.

As you explore the site, you will find that the planning tools on this website are organized around 4 different aspects of housing construction - aligning the foundation, designing the structure, bringing power and utilities to the home, and celebrating when the home is built.

Alignment is about building relationships. Design is about identifying shared priorities. Empowerment through collaboration builds support for implementation. Support grows by Measuring and celebrating success. You will find links to additional tools to help you get started building your community's housing plan throughout the site.

step 1: align

Lay a strong foundation

learn how to align

step 2: design

Frame-in improvement ideas

learn how to design

step 3: empower

Level up stakeholder collaboration

learn how to empower

step 4: measure

Cap your project and evaluate progress

learn how to measure

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