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Best Practice

Ensure that their ordinances allow the types of housing that are needed

Local jurisdictions and planning commissions can ensure that their ordinances allow the types of housing that are needed. These adjustments could be to increase allowed densities, decrease parking requirements, and ensure access to transit; encourage developments in locations served by amenities; and simplify the local zoning ordinances concerning housing. So long as it fits the local context, inclusive zoning can also ensure that new developments adhere to the community's vision for the housing available to its residents.


$$, but it is important that jurisdictions consider the opportunity costs of different policies, as well as political and social costs because these types of changes can be unpopular. Zoning changes can also be costly in terms of time, but not always.


Implementation requires going through the local processes to change the ordinance, usually 6-12 months.


Affordable Housing, Government, New Development, Zoning


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